Antarctica - Picture Albums
Gil Jeffer - November 2, 2012 through December 22, 2012
A-111 - Studies of the Polar Ionisphere and Magnetosphere from Measurements in Antarctica
A-112 - Polar Experiment Network for Geospace Upper-Atmosphere Investigation: PENGUIn - A High-Latitude Window to Geospace Dynamics

Antarctic1 album The journey to Christchurch, New Zealand   Antarctic8 album BICEP 2, SPT 10-meter telescope,  snow mine
Antarctic2 album The flight from Christchurch to McMurdo, Antarctica   Antarctic9 album The trip to AGO 3 (Automatic Geophysical Observatory)
Antarctic3 album Happy Camper survival training   Antarctic10 album The Traverse, a weather balloon, and the ice tunnels
Antarctic4 album Regulators, altitude training, packing, ice cream, clocks, and vehicles   Antarctic11 album IceCube, ARA, KECK, ARO, and tourists
Antarctic5 album Arrival Heights, Coffee House, Crary Lab, Scott Base   Antarctic12 album Raising AGO 2
Antarctic6 album The journey from McMurdo to the South Pole   Antarctic13 album Wrapping it up...
Antarctic7 album First days at the pole before deployment to the field sites   Antarctic0 album Pictures  from past AGO visits
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Team member sites:    Tim Spuck   (PolarTREC Teacher),    Marc Ankenbauer   (Field Coordinator)
United States Antarctic Program:   USAP,   National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs:   NSF OPP